Západní Kuba (Cuba West) - mapa 1:600t.


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Západní Kuba (Cuba West) - mapa 1:600t.

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This is a brand new title for ITMB and reflects the growing interest in travel to Cuba resulting from improved relations with the USA. Licenses to fly into the country from a dozen cities have already been approved;60 more are awaiting approval. All are flights into Havana and Varadero airports - in other words, the western half of the country. ITMB already has an exceptionally good map of the entire country. We also have a separate map of Havana. This map expands the scale and opens the information for the western half of the island nation as a double-sided map, with the portion west of Havana (La Habana) to Pinar del Rio province of the far west and south to the Isla de la Juventud (better known, but mis-named, as the bay of Pigs Invasion Site). This side also has an excellent map of the Varadero beach resort as an inset, and a map of Greater Havana. The other side covers the area east of Havana that has the greatest potential for touristic development: Trinidad, Santa Clara, the developing resort areas off the north coast, and ending at Ca;aguey, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. We first visited it ten years ago and it is a true treasure. This side of the map has also a detailed map of the historic centre of Havana and insets of Cienfuegos and Trinidad.
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