Írán a Teherán (Iran & Tehran) - cestovní mapa


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Írán a Teherán (Iran & Tehran) - cestovní mapa

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Iran and Tehran Travel Reference Map 5th Ed/2nd Ed 2015 1:2,350,000/1:15,000 ISBN 9781553418597 UPC 815534185976 $12.95 cdn/us E8.95 7.99 GBP - Politically, Iran has been in the dog house for many years, but touristically, it is mellowing and even Americans can visit. The current political situation in this part of the world(I'm referring to ISIS/ISIL) creating a rapid re-evaluation of Iran. For this reason alone, it is time for a new map of the country. We have decided to combine our Tehran map with our Iran map, saving customers the necessity of needing two maps for visiting the country. The information for side A, on Tehran itself, is exceptionally good, but we caution that changes are likely to occur over the next year due to probable realignments resulting from ISIS activity in the region.Side B, the map of the country itself, is very detailed and quite suitable for anyone travelling around the country. IT also shows the strategic importance of Iran very clearly. Having visited Iran, I can testify to the warmth and hospitality of the Iranian people and to the touristic pleasure one obtains visiting ruins, historic cities,religious centers, and desert-like terrain. Tehran remains available as a separate title as well.
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