Havana a centrální Kuba - cestovní mapa


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Havana a centrální Kuba - cestovní mapa

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Although ITMB has published a map of Havana several times, this version is unique in that, for the first time, we include a map of central Cuba (i.e. the hinterland surrounding Havana). For this reason, our cover picture shows a farmer's wagon selling privately-grown vegetables rather than a scene from Havana itself. Havana, at the time of our most recent visit, showed few signs of improvements, but an increased number of tourists. Since our visit a year ago, tourism has increased by 300%, and most of this traffic trying to visit Havana. This is forcing change and I hope some of it trickles down to benefit ordinary Cubans. The city side covers a large part of the city, not just the 'old town' as others cover. The regional side covers from San Cristobal in the west to Sancti Spiritus in the east. Insets of Varadero, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad are included. The map is printed on waterproof paper, both for durability and because Cuba is subject to sudden storms and this map can double as an umbrella.
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