Britská Kolumbie jihozápad & stát Washington (British Columbia SW & Washington State) - mapa


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Britská Kolumbie jihozápad & stát Washington (British Columbia SW & Washington State) - mapa

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1st ed 2017 This map hopes to accomplish two goals; first, it is detailed road and points of interest map for Washington State and adds to our growing range of State covered in detail, and second, it combines that portion of Canada's BC accessible to Americans heading north. The map has two covers so can be marketed either as a USA map title or Canadian title. The front side covers all of Washington State, with a bit of Oregon and Idaho, and has a decent-sized inset map of downtown Seattle. The reverse side covers much-larger British Columbia - at least a portion of it, including all of Vancouver Island, all the roads from Vancouver eastwards to the Rockies and north to Kamloops, and hundreds of wilderness campsites in the interior. This side also includes insets of Victoria and downtown Vancouver. This map fills a gap in the travel map market in that in crosses an international border and provides benefit to those heading north without having to purchase a separate map. Of course, if they wanted more detail, ITM also publishes maps of Seattle, Vancouver, Whistler, and all of British Columbia!
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